• HTML Basics – Cheat Sheet

    What is HTML?

    HTML also known as Hyper Text Markup Language is the building block of all web pages. HTML is made up of a series of HTML elements.

    What is a HTML element?

    A HTML element consists of a start tag and an end tag, with the content inserted in between.

    <h1>This is an element </h1>

    What is an attribute?

    HTML attributes consist of a name and a value using the following syntax: name="value" and can be added to the opening tag of an HTML element to configure or change the behaviour of the element.

    <h1 id=”top”>Hello World</h1>

    There are many different types of attributes which can be used to affect many different parts of your web pages from video controls to column spanning.
    All HTML elements can have attributes and they are always specified in the opening tag.

    What are comments?

    Comments are additional text inserted into a HTML (or programming) document to aid understanding for yourself and other coders. They are an important part of improving the standard of your documents to ensure that they are understandable by all.

    In HTML comments are started with “<!– ” and end with “– >”

    <!– This is a comment –>

    How do you identify a HTML document?

    All HTML documents must start with a document type declaration. This must be the very first line in your HTML document and placed before the HTML tag. A doctype declaration is not a html tag, it is an instruction to the web browser about what version of HTML the page will be written in.
    The newest version of HTML is HTML5


    The HTML document itself should be enclosed within html tags:

    <html> </html>



    The visible part of the HTML document should be enclosed within body tags:

    <body> </body>